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Let Integrity Plus relieve you of the constant dilemma of recruiting suitable and quality employees.

Recruiting is a partnership and we really care about all of our clients. We invest the time to thoroughly get to know you down to the last important detail. To completely understand and appreciate each company’s unique requirements is the core policy at Integrity Plus. Everything else then slips into place.

Temporary Vacancies
We can also work extremely quickly whenever called upon to fill short-term positions as well as those problematic, unforeseen situations. Our extensive recruitment data system allows us to match people with the correct skills to the job that you are looking to fill.

Permanent Positions
With many years’ experience each of our dedicated team has the skills, knowledge and local contacts to ensure you get the right person for the job.

The recruitment process at Integrity Plus

How We Operate
Through our professionalism, integrity and reliability our aim is to make recruiting for you as simple as possible. We have an enviable reputation gained from building solid relationships in the communities that we serve; we know the local industries and understand their unique and individual requirements.  We believe that our market knowledge is second-to-none.

If you are looking to recruit across the office, industrial, management, FMCG, agricultural, food supply, logistics or even require specialist staff – Integrity Plus can help.

We always want each client to feel a part of the recruitment process so we work hand in hand with you to develop a detailed job specification. This flexible, tailored approach ensures that we can take time to accurately pinpoint the correct applicant rather than swamp you with unsuitable hopefuls.

Once we have refined a shortlist of candidates Integrity Plus arrange interviews, completes reference checks if required and skill tests, making the whole process easy and totally hassle-free.

Our service is a full package - once an appointment is made we even provide health and safety training for your new temporary employee if needed.

So no matter if your current vacancy is temporary or permanent Integrity Plus is on hand to help - so call or email today!